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Insurance Advice You Can Rely On

Insurance can be confusing and complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. We provide straight forward advice that you can rely on, based on our over 14 years industry experience. We love making a real difference through astute planning and the delivery of a consistent, high quality service. Claim time is when it matters most and we work side by side with you to fight for your rights when you need us.


We quickly cut through the jargon to tell you what you need for your unique situation.

Not all Insurance policy wording is created equal. Insurance can be a minefield of technical jargon and legal speak that can easily confuse most people. We are fully qualified, experienced and able to translate all of that into real terms so you can easily understand your options and make a decision.

With a little careful planning we can make sure your future is covered from a business, personal and family perspective. Put simply, we cut through and make the complex simple so you can Live Your Life!


Insurance Review

It is important to regularly review your insurance to make sure you have the right cover at the right time. This is especially important if your circumstances have changed. We offer a complete review of all your needs and make sure that your cover is up to date based on your current situation.

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Why Us

We make the complex simple so you can live your life! We offer a personal review of your insurance cover looking at your total needs including business, personal, home and family recommending the best solution for you.


Qualified Industry experience

We are Registered Financial Advisers and insurance experts with over 14 years of experience providing financial advice for clients just like you. We translate the complex world of insurance into real terms so you can easily understand your options and get the right cover for you.

Personal Approach

We take a personal approach with every client to make sure we fully understand your unique situation and we provide you with a solution that suits your needs, it’s not one size fits all!

tailored advice

Every solution we create is carefully crafted with tailored advice ensuring you get the right cover at the right time. We can recommend the best policy for your needs from a range of insurance providers.

Live Life have got us covered, they are our reliable, trusted financial services provider, they give us great advice and sort everything insurance-wise giving us peace of mind to focus on the things we love to do without the worry about whether we are covered or how we will cope in any potential changing circumstances.